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  1. "The Klaxon" is an experimental cinematic VR video. The project uses a new medium of spherical image as well as spatial sound and spoken word to express the idea of the identity of the modern person and the multidimensionality of consciousness.

    In the center is the image of a woman and her idea of herself in different age alterations. She is also not fully aware of her ethnic identity. Her uncertainty is especially evident the moments of interaction with the strangers surrounding her ("them"). Different states show the process of her development and formation.

    The ultimate goal of the chosen artistic method is to apply the well-known idea of W. E. B. Du Bois about the "double consciousness" to the self-awareness of a representative of a minority living in a modern conservative society.

    The connecting element of all incarnations of the heroine is the spoken word. The text seems to live by itself, although it is pronounced through the mouth of the first-person character. The text is abstractwe do not hear such dynamics in everyday speech because the text includes different modes: "Shakespearean poetry", "unreal," "real," "mathematical," "nursery rhyme," "they."

    We believe that the modern world is in a rather dangerous state of contrast between conservative and liberal forces, where mutual understanding and dialogue are disappearing. Therefore, we are attracted by the idea of the middle path and self-contemplation, as it is self-contemplation that forms the psychological work of the heroine in the process of her formation of self-identity.

    Moreover, we use a spherical video because we see the geometric shape of the sphere as the key technology of the future. The experience of spherical visuals makes it possible for the audience to feel the penetration of the mind into the realm of the transcendent.